Worship, Music and Service Ministry.

Worship and music play an active role in our church.  Under the knowledge, expertise and talent of our Music Director, Betsy Nonnenmacher-Monks, our adult choir, bell choir, and orchestra have become a vital part of our worship services.  We have grown in membership and would welcome those who would like to participate in our musical offerings.

The choir sings many Sundays during the services.  They also sing for Celebration by the River, Reformatin, Thanksgiving with the Beverly Cluster choirs, Welcome Christmas, Christmas Eve, Easter, Pentecost, and Confirmaiton.  The choir also performs a full cantata during the third Sunday of Advent service. 

The orchestra plays through the year.  In the summer, the orchestra plays for the 8:00 am services in Walbridge Park.  The Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Bell Choir has also grown and is pleased to have new members.  They play before and during services throughout the church year.  In May, all ensembles participate in Special Music Sunday.

Holy Trinity also has mid-week Advent and Lenten Services in the morning and evening.  Please conside joining us for any of our musical offerings and sharing your love to music.