Stations of the Cross Illustration Poster Project

There is an old legend that says after the death and resurrection of Jesus, his mother, Mary, would often walk the way her son had walked on his journey to the cross.  She would pause here and there to recall something that had happened at that spot. From these walks grew the early Christian practice of walking the Way of the Cross, a tradition that continues in Jerusalem to this day.

We are celebrating this tradition right here at Holy Trinity!
Please join us in coloring and bringing to life the steps of Jesus's final days on Earth and His resurrection. Each of the completed eight posters will be displayed during Holy Week.

Have fun! Be creative! Be blessed!

Christian Education Committee

Easter Egg Hunt

The children of the church attended a Saturday afternoon Easter Session which concluded with the annual Easter Egg Hunt.

South Toledo Trash Pickup

On Saturday, April 8, 2017, approximately 80 volunteers gathered at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church to organize our three hour South Toledo trash pickup, sponsored by the South Toledo Trash Troop. Volunteers included Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops, neighbors and church members, including our very own Pastor Rob. Materials were provided by Keep Toledo/Lucas County Beautiful. The amount of trash cleaned up was sobering, but hopefully our efforts will spur others to be excited about keeping our neighborhoods clean. We all met up back at Church afterward for refreshments, all of which were generously donated by Wixey Bakery, Plate 21 and Marco's Pizza.

Landscape Cleanup Day

On Sunday, May 7th, several members of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church stayed after services, to help with the landscape around the church.

July 4th, Neighborhood Celebration

The July 4th celebration is just one way Holy Trinity Lutheran Church can grow spirityually and possibly with new members from the local neighborhood.  The celebration started with fun and games for everyone.  These photos show everyone who played an important part in the Evangelizing of the neigbors.