We welcome all first-time worshipers to Holy Trinity.

If you are unfamiliar with the Lutheran Worship Service, do not hesitate to ask someone around you for assistance.  Our members want you to feel welcome.

Parents with small children can use the cry rooms (located in the balcony) or the Getter Lounge where the children can walk around and you can still hear the church service.  Please ask the  ushers  for assistance.      

Contact the

Mutual Ministry Group

The Mutual Ministry team is here to share your appreciations, observations, gratitudes, needs, requests, puzzles, wishes, excitements and

Whatever you bring to the group is confidential.

You may also bring your thoughts to the Mutual Ministry members in person.

Mutual Ministry members are:
    Beth Creekmore
    Jack Curie
    Becky DeLucia
    Allison Hem
    Paul Hem
    Bev Zmuda